Black Desert Second Closed Beta Kicks off Today

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The second closed beta of Black Desert started just now in Korea. In this CBT, a lot of new features and changes are introduced like new party system, open world dungeons, new features of castle siege, improved graphics, new playable region, guild quests, new mini-games and much more. If you can't wait to watch the hands-on videos during CBT2, you can take a look at the previous five teaser trailers released by Pearl Abyss in case you missed them.

1st Trailer: Black Desert Second CBT Character Customization Teaser Trailer Released
2nd Trailer: Black Desert Second CBT: Awesome Combat Gameplay Trailer Goes Live
3rd Trailer: Black Desert Second CBT Third Trailer Teases a Lot of Wonderful Game Systems
4th Trailer: Black Desert Second CBT 4th Trailer: 4-man Team Formation Activates Super Skills
5th Trailer: Black Desert Second CBT Fifth Teaser Trailer: World Tour

Second CBT Time:
15:00-24:00 from April 22, 2014 – May 11, 2014 Seoul Time

We will participate in the beta test from April 23 and bring more information for you.

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