ArcheAge North America Alpha Test: First Impression

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ArcheAge North America (NA) alpha test started 2 weeks ago on 10th April 2014. I just started playing the game 4 days ago. In this article, I will share my first impression on the game and some of the interesting aspects of the game. For your information, this is the first version of ArcheAge I have played, although the Korean and Russian versions of the game have been released earlier. Pardon me if I cannot explain the features in details or commit any mistakes in my comments. 

First, let's take a look at the character creation. Players can choose one of the 4 available races: Nuian, Eif, Firran and Harani. Each race has special traits relevant to the gameplay. For example Nuian race has increased double stats buff duration after being resurrected from death and enjoys 30% reduction in construction time for houses and castles, The facial and body features of each races can be fully customized to fine details. 

Players can pick one of the Skillsets or classes to start with. However, the game allows you to pick up to 3 Skillsets for each character when you hit level 10. There are a total of 10 Skillsets to choose from and thus, a total of 120 combinations of Skillsets. The Skillset chosen can be changed at the skill manager NPC with a small fee. Therefore, players can try out different Skillset combinations to find a build which suits their play styles. 

The skill effects within the same Skillset or from different Skillsets have synergy with one another. For example, "Snare" from Archery Skillset can immobilize an enemy within 5m for 5.1sec while "Shield Slam" from Defence Skillset can inflict additional 31% damage on a snared target. There are many more other skills with such combo and I believe this feature would result in a rich variety of skill builds. During party play, skill combo from different party members can be coordinated and performed as well. 

The battle system is the standard point-and-click type. Certain skills are cast instantly while others require a finite casting time. The target must be within the specified range before the skill can be used. Despite the bland looking battle system, there is a few interesting features worth mentioning. There are actually monsters within water such as rivers, lakes etc and in the air, for example birds flying around in the sky. One can actually attack the birds which are flying in the sky as long as the height/distance is within the range of the skill or spell. While battling in rivers the current actually pushes you downstream if you are not swimming against it.  


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