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Puzzle and Dragons is one of the most successful mobile games in the world, as a gamer, I still can't believe that I've been sticking to a mobile for over a year. But after a friend recommend Battle Camp to me, I have admit that there are still a lot of things that Puzzle and Dragons needs to think about learning from Battle Camp, one of the Best of 2013 multiplayer games.

The combat system of Puzzle and Dragons is perfect to me, unlike other Japanese card-collecting games that doesn't even give me the chance to do anything in the battle, I had a lot of fun trying to move orbs on the panel and get combos, even though I've played this game for a year, I still find it quite interesting and I can still improve my skill of moving orbs. Battle Camp simply followed the widely accepted battle system, I won't say it's just a copycat because Battle Camp has so many things that Puzzle and Dragons can't match. 

Battle Camp Puzzle and Dragons


Like most of the Japanese games, Puzzle and Dragons is a typical PVE based game, my only object in this game is beating the dungeons. It's quite nice that Gungho keeps adding new dungeons to us, otherwise I'd have quit it already. But sometimes It's quite boring sitting there and wait for the next dungeon news. And it looks like Gungho lacks creativity in recent descended dungeons, the preemptive attacks that seal all active skills are not funny.

In Battle Camp, players have more things to do, everyone has independent quest chains and and stories that play into the rest of the islands lore. As the level is increased, more quests are waiting for us. We can also join raids with other friends or actually participate in PVP. I really hope Puzzle and Dragons can have PVP feature but the developers team doesn't seem to be interested in this. Well it's still a Japanese game :/


Puzzle and Dragons was very sticky to me when I started playing it, but at rank 380 with 200+ stamina, usually I can use up all stamina in 5 minutes on Super Dragons or weekly dungeons, after that I got to close the app and wait for 1.5 days to get them fully recovered. The official  suggested play time of PAD is 1 hour per day, but I don't think that's enough when you really want to play a game, once a player finds it's boring to wait, he/she may just forget this game and eventually uninstall it one day.

Battle Camp, on the contrary, keeps me coming back for there are lots of quests and events to do, sometimes a Facebook friend can call me back to game for raids, I enjoy helping friends and show off my skill(which is great).


Sociality has been a really important thing for games that appear in these years. Battle Camp is kind of like a MMORPG with Puzzle and Dragons' battle system, it has lots of MMORPG features like customizing your characters and playing in real time with other real players. As mentioned above, Facebook friends can call me back to Battle Camp again and again, I actually feel like playing a MMORPG.

Friends in Puzzle and Dragons are actually very important, but usually I don't need to contact them when I actually need them, using a friend's monster as helper doesn't need an agreement. Sometimes it's convenient, but to tell the truth, when I really need a monster as helper  in Puzzle and Dragons, by watching at my friend list, I can't remember which friend has the monster I need. I can't even mark a friend to remind me that he has the special monster I need. Battle Camp is better in this aspect, at least I can describe my status to show my key information. 

Battle Camp

The weakness in sociality exists widely in Japanese games, I can see some Japanese games are doing better now like the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Sega's Chain Chronicle and Gungho's Summons BoardIn general, Puzzle and Dragons is still a great game, but please Gungho, make it even better, thank you.

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