Detailed Analysis of Six Attack Tools in Boom Beach

There are six attack tools in Boom Beach, Artillery, Flare, Medkit, Shock Bomb, Barrage, Smoke Screen. They play important roles in the battle. Next, let's talk for a moment about these tools.

Boom Beach Attack Tool


Operating Condition: Level 1 Headquarters

Using Effects: Dealing 700 initial damages to buildings within two cells.

Artillery's role is to destroy the defences which can inflict big damage to your troops before placing troops. Flamethrower, Sniper Tower, Cannon, Boom Cannon are its main targets. In general, the energy we have can only support 3 Artillery in the beginning of a battle. Calculated its initial damages, we can only deal 2100 damages to a building. So, you need to choose the defence under 2100 HP as the target to use Artillery. Certainly, the detailed damage is calculated by your Artillery's level, energy, statues and the level of your opponent's defences.

Boom Beach Attack Tool


Operating Condition: Level 2 HQ

Using Effects: Curing your troops by 7 each second in a circle with the diameter of 8 cells. The initial duration is 7.5 seconds.

Medkit is a very important attack tool in Boom Beach. It can reduce your loss with the largest limit in a battle. But when you face the defence which has a very high single-target DPS likes Sniper Tower, Cannon, Boom Canon, Medkit's effect is not so obvious. So, in a battle, if the enemy defence you attacked can let your troops lose one third of HP by each attack (Heavy and Tank's limit is one fifth of HP), you can give up using medkit, because your troops can't recover from the damage in time by it. Of course, if you can destroy the defence before your troops were killed, you can use medkit to cure them.

Boom Beach Attack Tool


Operating Condition: Level 3 HQ

Using Effects: Guiding your troops to the place you chose; the initial duration is 6 seconds

Using Flare effectively is the key to players. It mainly shows in three aspects: 1. Guiding your troops beyond the attack range of enemy's defences; 2. Planning the best route to attack the enemy HQ directly; 3. Guiding your troops walk along the forest.

Besides, you must pay attention to Flare's duration. You should get used to throw the second Flare a second earlier before the first one is over. Otherwise, your troops' formation will be scattered and easy to be eliminated.

Boom Beach Attack Tool

Shock Bomb

Operating Condition: Level 7 HQ

Using Effects: Freezing everything, includes your troops, within 5 seconds in a circle with the diameter of 7 cells 

Shock Bomb has two main usages:

A: Freezing enemy's key defences, such as Cannon, Sniper Tower, and using Flare to guide your troops to destroy them quickly. This usage is mainly for the one whose defences are very closer. And your troops have a high DPS that can destroy defences within Shock Bomb's duration.

B: Freezing the defences that close to enemy's HQ and guiding your troops attack HQ directly. This usage is usually used with Warrior. It can protect your troops in a short period and allow them to inflict maximum damage to enemy's HQ.

Boom Beach Attack Tool


Operating Condition: Level 10 HQ

Using Effect: In the initial condition, you can launch 15 Artilleries once and each one can deal 190 damages. The total damage is 2850 and the attack range is a circle with the diameter of 3 cells

Barrage is used with Artillery in general. As Artillery's energy costing will increase after being used, we can change to use barrage. Besides, if your opponent's defences are intensive, you can use Barrage to attack them simultaneously. But you must know that Barrage can also hurt your troops. 

Boom Beach Attack Tool

Smoke Screen

Operating Condition: Level 14 HQ

Using Effect: Protect your troops within 9 seconds in a circle with the diameter of 8 cells. The troops in the smoke can move but can't fire or be fired upon.

Smoke Screen is the last attack tool. It only has one usage that covers your troops, lets them walk to enemy HQ and attack it directly. 

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