Will Hearthstone iPad Version Take Candy Crush Saga's place, Even CoC?

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Hearthstone iPad

Last week, Hearthstone iPad Version was released globally. In less than 72 hours, the game tops the App Store over the world and successfully kicks off Clash of Clans from the throne of App Store free chart. According to the statistic of App Annie, there has been 44 counties' App Store recommended the game in the front page. Thus, Hearthstone iPad Version's momentum won't stop easily.

Hearthstone iPad Verison Live-action Trailer
Besides, according to the US digital games market: March 2014 by SuperData, the earnings growth of Candy Crush Saga, King's flagship game, is going down. Although the game is still the second profiting mobile game after CoC in the world and showed a 1.2% improvement in overall spending month-over-month, its mobile version's MAU only increased 0.3% in March and the social platform declined 2.1%. Meanwhile, Blizzard's collectible card game Hearthstone iPad version is receiving the increasingly big attention. The reports said Hearthstone's ARPPU can reach $27 currently in the US since the official launching on PC and MAC platforms in the middle of March. And based upon the recent performance of Hearthstone iPad version, believe it will reach the same level with PC platform soon. 

Hearthstone iPad

With the releasing of Adventure mode, Hearthstone iPad version will be more competitive. So, it is possible to replace Candy Crush Saga, even CoC in the mobile market.

Source: App Annie; SuperData; Google Image


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