Iron Knight Might Enter NA and EU Market; Plans to Support Motion Control Device

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Tencent Games hosted a press event in Beijing, China, showing off some of their upcoming MMOs. Iron Knight, an online action game features Mount & Blade style combat experience, was one of the titles got a lot of attention. In an interview, Iron Knight's Producer Slam told us that this game will introduce a mobile app at the end of this year. He also mentioned the plan to add motion control support in the future, without details about what specific device it will support. 

Previously, we talked about the game will bring in the massive PvP 70v70 combat but Slam said this was not their ultimate goal--they are considering implementing a larger scale of combat (For 100 vs. 100, and perhaps more?). Moreover, Slam revealed that the game might introduce in other countries based on different civilizations, from East and West.

In addition, Iron Knight is ambitiously eyeing the US and Europe market. Slam noted that Iron knight's presence at GDC 2014 was their first step of heading to the west. 

Below is the Iron Knight gameplay clip at TGC 2013.

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