The Recommended Combination of Troops for Boom Beach Newbie

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Boom Beach Newbie

Hearthquarter 1-3


We can train Heavy after HQ 2, but the Landing Craft has less capacity at that time and can only load 1 Heavy. So, I think loading riflemen in two landing crafts is best choice.

Hearthquarter 4-5

Plan A: Rifleman 

Plan B: Heavy + Rifleman

You have 3 landing crafts after HQ 4. So you can choose to landing craft to load Heavy and one to load rifleman. But you need to upgrade landing craft to level 4 so that each one can load 2 Heavies.

Plan C: Heavy + Zooka (HQ 5 only)

Heavies occupy two landing crafts and Zookas get one. By the same token, upgrade your landing craft to level 4.

Hearthquarter 6-7

Plan A: Rifleman

Plan B: Heavy + Rifleman

You will get four landing crafts after HQ 6. So, Heavy and Riflemen can occupy two landing crafts separately.

Plan C: Heavy + Zooka

I suggest that preferentially upgrading two landing crafts of Zookas to level 6 which can load 6 zookas.

Hearthquarter 8-10

Regular plans: Rifleman; Heavy + Rifleman; Heavy + Zooka;

Special plan: Warrior

As Warrior's unite size is 3 and needs enough quantity to destroy enemy HQ quickly, you have to upgrade your all landing craft to level 5 at least for loading 3 warrior. Of course level 8 is best.

Hearthquarter 11

New plan: Tank x 2 + Zooka + Heavy + Rifleman

The advantage of the plan is that I can face every situation. Heavy can draw fire. Rifleman can solve Cannon. Tank and Zooka give me enough power to destroy multi-defence simultaneously. But, you can hardly win the battle without any loss if you take the plan.

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