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Neverwinter Gauntlgrym Update Featuring Mega PvP Content

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Neverwinter's Gauntlgrym Boss

To celebrate the upcoming release date of Neverwinter Online on June 20, 2013, the new content, including new zone for PvE and the long awaited mega PvP, is around the corner.

What should we expect in the updates?

  1. New zone Gauntlgrym only for adventurers at level 60
  2. Mage 20 vs 20 Guild PvP
  3. PvE content against new race: Delzun dwarves

Since the Gauntlgrym is specific for players at level 60, there are some requirements to join this area and the special 3-phase mega battle:

  1. All characters must reach level 60
  2. NO gear scores requirement
  3. Players must be in a guild to participate.

Therefore, the mega PvP is a special battle for guild members. If you are a guild leader, you'd better to prepare the battle seriously. Align your sisters and brothers, defend your honor and... Tier 2 epic gears, the most powerful one in the current version of Neverwinter.

Neverwinter's Gauntlgrym Tier 2

To secure your victory, rules and regulations must be shared with your allies. 40 players will be divided into 2 factions of 20, then 3 phases battle, including mega PvP, PvE and Encounters, will begin basing on these two opposite factions.

Phase 1: The Iron Tabernacle
Two factions will compete to gain scores by killing mobs and doing some collecting quests during this phase. The one get the higher scores will get an ascendant buff in next phase.

Phase 2: The Armories of Moradin
The breathtaking 20 vs 20 PvP is running! At this phase, the PvP runs in Domination mode, which is familiar for every Neverwinter heroes. 20 opponents, one goal: reach the highest scores first. The team who win this phase will be qualified to enter the Dwarf King's Crypt, the final phase.

Phase 3: The Crypts of Gauntylgrym
Not much information is released about this phase so far. What we got is the rewards of the Dwarf King's Crypt are totally worthy. The Tier 2 rewards is only available to the winning team in phase 2, while the Tier 1 rewards, Fardelver Crypt, is available to both winners and non-winners.

The video will shed a light about the fierce battle:

It's simple, huh? Your performance will determine the result and the consequence will affect the outcome of each phase. Complete any goal during phase 1 and 2 will bring you closer to the exclusive Tier 2 gears in the Dwarf's hidden riches.

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