Recommended Big MMOs and New Online Games in April 2014

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Big MMOs you should play this month 


RPG/P2P/Closed Beta 

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Carbine’s MMO extravaganza will hold multiple beta weekend events before it officially launches in June and this month, you can play two beta weekends. Your opportunity to check out how the game looks like begins this weekend. 

The game is still in beta, which means a lot of new changes will be made in each beta weekend. The most important new feature being added in April’s beta weekend is UI 2.0, a completely new and highly customizable user interface. With the concept of “less is more” in its core, UI 2.0 allows you choose to turn on or off many elements. The new UI also aims to improve your combat experience by openning up more space on the screen, and what’s more, it places key information on a much more proper position so you don’t have to move your eyes to the edge of the screen constantly. 

Along with the new UI, the game Implments a great amount of fixes and changes to the world and gameplay systems. Some interesting content include new and higher difficulty creatures, new character hair styles, balance on classes abilities, gear, items and more. 

If you are interested and want to preoder the game, visit the official site.


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