5 Boom Beach Tips for Getting The Best Statue

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The attribute of statue is randomly generated after being produced. So sometimes, you may produce the one you don’t like. In order to prevent this, I will share you some tips to produce the best statue.

PS: You must have enough gems to speed up producing statue.

1. Choose the type of statue you needed and start producing.

2. Turn on your device’s Airplane mode.

3. Return to Boom Beach quickly. Use gems to speed up producing the statue, then you can see the attribute of the statue.

4. [Key] If you are not satisfied with the statue’s attribute, shut down Boom Beach in the backstage immediately and then turn off Airplane mode.

5. Restart Boom Beach, stop producing the statue, then the game will give 7 crystals back to you. Thus, you can repeat to produce the statue until getting the best one. 

PS: If get the statue you like in step 4, you just shut down the game in the backstage and turn off Airplane mode, then wait for it to complete.

See the attribute data of all statues by here (Source: alisalin)

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