PhoneJoy to Be Released Soon in April; Amazon About to Announce New Smartphone

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Do you remember Kickstarter project PhoneJoy Play? A compact gamepad can turn your phone into a portable console. It can work with iPhone, iPad and Android, even a PC. Last month, it was finally announced that PhoneJoy is slated for a April release with a price of $69.9.

PhoneJoy Play

For Android (requires version 2.1+) all you need to do is to turn on your PhoneJoy™ and activate Bluetooth on your device, then launch the PhoneJoy™ app, which will then direct you through the necessary steps of pairing your controller with your Android device.

Advanced users on Android can also install the GameKeyboard or USB/BT JoyStick Center in order to emulate touch controls with their PhoneJoy™ controller. On top of that these apps come with a range of other features such as mouse emulation and OnLive support.

>> Android compatible games:

Besides, according to WSJ, Amazon is going to announce and release their self-developed smartphone (Android?) at the end of 2014. Some online sellers will begin the pre-registration for this smartphone in advance in June 2014, and will deliver them in late September. Let’s wait and see!


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