Boom Beach Statues Combination Recommended

As we know, there are four kinds of statues in Boom Beach, Life, Ice, Magma, Dark. These statues can bring different Buffs for you. But, the number of statues, you owned, are limited, so you have to choose statue combination carefully to make full use of statues' ability. The followings are some statue combinations I collected.

1. Offensive type: preferentially producing Magma statues to maximize the power of your troops

Recommendation level: ★★★★

Magma statues can provide two types of buffs to your troops, Health and Damage. If you are an offensive player, then produce Magmas as many as you can. Thus, you military power can almost destroy every opponent. Your development way is store rich opponents in your map, then occupy them all at once to plunder enough resource to upgradebuild buildings. Besides, offensive statue combination has a great advantage of attacking Dr. Terror and Hammermans. But the fatal defect of this combination is ultra-low defensive power, so you hardly store resource. 

PS: This type of players has very high Victory point. So your base is easy to be invaded and always in the state of ruins. (The way I am)

2. Defensive type: produce Ice statues to maximize the power of your defences.

Recommendation level: ★★★★

This type of player has a terrible defensive power. The opponents' attack tools hardly destroy your defence building. And the terrible defensive power can also scare a lot of invaders away. Even your resource storage is amazing. 

Defensive players' military power is normal. They can also successfully invade AI's base. But other players' bases are very difficult for them. So, their resources basically come from resource building and resource bases.

PS: Defensive players keep medium level of Victory point. People can't invade you, but, you can't also do that. That sounds kind of boring.

3. 'Hay Day Players': Life statues are preferred.

Recommendation level: ★★★

'Hay Day Players' basically give up defensive power and offensive power. But they have a mass of resources without protection. So, their bases are under attack all the time. But never mind, when their Victory point is lower than 100 points. There are no people to attack them. In fact, if without interference, this type of players can store huge amount of resources, because Life statues can increase the production ability of resource buildings by the factor of 2.5 at most.

Ps: This type of player isn't playing Boom Beach, but Hay Day.

4. Balance type: produce all types of statues

Recommendation level: ★★

This type of player can do everything that above of players can. But their ATK is not enough to destroy all opponents and bases are also attacked often. The potential of balance type should need the further investigation.

PS: Although I don't recommend this type, it is the most popular statue combination.

By the way, try to place statues in front of your buildings. As can't be destroyed, they can disperse enemy's troops. Then, your defences can eliminate dispersive troops easier.

If you have another statue combination, plz tell me.

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