Capcom and Tencent Games Reveal Grave News of Monster Hunter Online Soon

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The "UP2014", Tencent Interactive Entertainment 2014 Annual Press Conference will be held on April 16 in Bei Jing. According to Monster Hunter Online official site, a senior staff of Capcom will be present for Monster Hunter Online, the first high definition Monster Hunter game co-developed by Capcom and Tencent Games. We suspect that the senior Capcom staff could be one of the producers of Monster Hunter, maybe Ryoz Tsuzimoto.

The promotion site of Monster Hunter Online has been up for more than a week already, and the countdown timer is less than 48 hours now, apparently grave news will happen when it gets to zero.

For those who doesn't have much clue about  Monster Hunter Online co-produced by Tencent Games and Capcom, I'd recommend you to watch this video, it's a new real sense of high definition Monster Hunter game developed by Cry Engine 3.



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