Black Desert Second CBT 4th Trailer: 4-man Team Formation Activates Super Skills

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and DAUM just updated the fourth teaser trailer for the coming second CBT of Black Desert in Korea. This time you are going to see the unique and best Collaboration System for team gameplay in Black Desert in a video instead of reading it in last interview with the producer Kim Daeil.

You must still remember the Formation of the Collaboration System in Black Desert and many fans doubted if it really works in boss fight. Just check out the 4-man team gameplay trailer below by yourself and DAUM says in a certain Formation, your character's Super Skill can be activated.

New Collaboration Gameplay

You can't find a distinct tank, dps or support role in Black Desert so that in a boss battle, the formation becomes very important. The damage, defense and other stats of the team as a whole will differ a lot according to the formation. For example, if players stand in a circle, the defense of the whole team will be higher than in any other formations. If so, this formation is the best one to adopt to defend the boss attack. If players stand in a straight line, the first player in the line will cast the highest damage. The collaboration gameplay only works on super bosses for teams in the field, but not on general bosses in the field. Check out the formation images here.
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