Dragon Nest Wonderland’s Gameplay Revealed

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Recently, Dragon Nest Wonderland, which was adapted from Dragon Nest, was revealed the details of gameplay.Unlike traditional Dragon Nest series. It will be a 'Monopoly' style game. 

In the game, you will freely select familiar characters, like Warrior, Archer, even NPCs which were in Dragon Nest. Different race has different speciality, such as Warrior is good at melee and Archer has a good agility. These different specialities will lead a different ending of the game to you. Surely, as a 'Monopoly' style game, dice is the crucial factor for Dragon Nest Wonderland.

The territories of the game adopted the famous scenes of Dragon Nest PC version. When you reached an unoccupied territory, you can purchase and build it. When the building on your territory reaches the highest level and you go there with a seal stone, you can summon a classic Dragon Nest monster there. Besides, the game also has education system. You can strengthen and evolve your character by seal cards. Besides, the official revealed that Dragon Nest Wonderland may interact with Dragon Nest Online in the future, and provide corresponding items.

Dragon Nest Wonderland will be released on Taiwan App Store and Google Play at first in the second quarter of 2014, and then will hit China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


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