Recommended MMO Information You Should Not Miss at PAX EAST 2014

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It is PAX East, the wonderful three-day convention for everyone, where a lot of new information comes out and make sure you didn't miss the following information.

Star Citizen
"Players will load into the DFM through their pre-existing hangar module where they'll choose between five alpha game modes. The upcoming module will also feature co-op capabilities along with PvE AI."
Source: Massively

Blizzard Announced the Adventure Mode: Curse of Naxxramas.
Source: Blizzpro

Hearthstone on iPad Demonstration
Source: Gamespot

Heroes of the Storm
Blizzard updated HotS information about new heroes, updated hero models and new skins.
Source: Heroesnexus

The Crew
The Crew hands-on impression at PAX East 2014
Source: IGN

  Landmark's Future Plan

  Heroes of the Storm New Heroes

  Hearthstone the Adventure Mode: Curse of Naxxramas


PAX East 2014, Exclusive

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