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Neverwinter: Lair of The Mad Dragon Guide





Lair of Mad Dragon could be your first challenge in Neverwinter dungeons. Many players get stuck at the final boss. This is a really good fight. It needs patience rather than outburst. And since the situation changes from time to time, it is difficult to set or follow certain rules. What I am doing here is record the information of the boss, list difficulties we may face and finally make a collection of tips for the fight. If you want to complete this dungeon, these information would do great help.

Location: Helm’s Hold

Dungeon Queue Level: 30-35
This Dungeon can be queued from lv 30-35. But you’d better do it at higher level, say above 32.

Team composition and Strategy

It is a five person dungeon. You’d better have CWs in your team. They can do great help with the adds. And of course, we need a DC to keep your team alive. Here are two team compositions and strategies.

1. 2 CW, 2 TR, 1 DC

Actually you can have 2 DC, 1 TR instead but definitely 2CW. Let one CW kite the dragon. One TR focus on the dragon. Others take care of the healer and clean up the adds. Range classes can help cast damage to the boss when adds are clean.

Why no tanks:

At the present game, DC gets more threat when healing than the tank class like GWF or GF at same level. So CW who can control the adds is more helpful than GWF or GF. And TR does much more dmg than GWF and GF.

But if the GWF and GF are over level, say lvl 40, of the team they could help tank the adds.
However, cryptic has notice the problem and they’ll adjust the threat engine on 29th. So there may be a different story then.

2. 1 DC, 1 CW, 2 TR,

We need one TR face the dragon to left preventing the dragon cast AOE towards the team. This TR cast the major dmg to the dragon. One CW control the adds and take care of DC other clean the adds. Since TR do highest DPS we need one to take care the adds. The fifth class could be anyone you like.


1. Most important. Bring enough pot and injury kit with you. An item called Stone of Health can heals you to full health with 50 times limit.
2. Dodge the red area as possible as you can
3. Clean adds first. Magus first.
4. DC will be the adds #1 priority. There should always be someone take care of them.


There are three bosses in total. First two are Mizreal Everdark and Baelrath the Vile. They are pretty easy to defeat. I don’t want to talk much about them. Everyone can rush them within 10 min. 
Ok here is the green dragon we intend to focus on.


Since I didn’t find any official introductions of those skills, I named them according to their presentation myself.

Poison Water

The dragon will spit green water on the floor. The area infected with green water will make several hundred of dmg per second. And the area could be a line or a circle. Anyone will die in seconds if standing on the green water.

Tail Swap
The dragon will swing its tail and silence the one being bitten. To avoid this skill you need to keep away from its tail.

Poison flog
The dragon will jump up and when it hit the ground it will spit the poison flog around its body. There will be a red circle on the floor.


Magus is the range with wings and holding wands. They do great damage. You need to take them down at the first time regard less of anything else.

Magus' Skills:
Burning line

Magus will cast a fire line and make the one who get hit burning. There will a laser like to presage the burning line’s track. Get out of the way.

Burning floor
Magus will target someone and make the floor under the target burning. If you failed to run, you will fall over and get great damage.

These are annoying mobs look like bats. They are weak and do little dmg. But they become a problem once they grow into a group.

Devils are strong mobs. You need to be careful that they can teleport to your back.

Demons refer to the biggest adds. They won't accumulate into group and they only appear while the boss is under 30% health.

That's my collection so far. Anyone have other suggestion or advice, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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