10 Reasons Why You Should Play SOE's Zombie Survivor Game H1Z1

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Zombie survivor game always has a huge fan base but the market lacks a high quality zombie MMORPG. Now SOE is trying to give the MMORPG market which has been ruled by fantasy for many years a little shock, with their nex-gen zombie apocalypse MMO H1Z1. If you look at SOE's previous titles (EQ series, Planetside series, Vanguard, Free Realms), it's hard to not look forward to H1Z1. And if you are still not quite sure about the game, here are the 10 reasons you should list the game on your 2014 play list. 

1. Next-gen Forgelight engine

Behind the large sandbox environment and various landscapes from urban cities and desolate wide open places is the Forgelight engine. You can trust SOE's engine for it has been used to build Planetside 2 and the forthcoming MMO Everquest Next. It's a mature engine and it's born for large sandbox game. That said, you can expect less bugs, better visuals, and convincing physics. 

2. Shooter meets RPG

Shooting in H1Z1 is real shooting. You have to deal with recoil while aiming is not a very easy thing in both first-person and third-person mode. For RPG I'm talking about character customization and progression which is still very basic, and I can't wait to check out the economy (you can trade with others) and looting system (searching for weapon and supplies will be fun). 

3. You will have a living world

The humanity may be gone in H1Z1 but the nature goes, the ecosystem is still there and the food chain is still there, with some changes. There are wolves and deer and perhaps other animals and wolves hunt deer, zombies prey on wolves and deer, wolves may kill zombies and so on. 

4. Building and owning a shelter is very important part of the game

SOE's plan is to allow you to build your own shelter with the resource you obtain. Moreover, you can work with other players to build a fortress with weaponry to defend against zombies and hostile players.

5. Vehicles will be available

I personally love this one very much because it not only adds a means to travel fast, it actually opens up many new ways to play the game — run down zombies with vehicles, use vehicles for barrier, etc. What's more, multiplyer vehicles will be in the game.


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