Black Desert Second CBT Third Trailer Teases a Lot of Wonderful Game Systems

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After the amazing character creation trailer and the cool new combat system trailer, Black Desert's developer Pearl Abyss and the Korean publisher DAUM just updated another gameplay trailer.

This trailer teases many new character postures, taming a mount in the field, other diversified game systems like trading, crafting, housing, mounting, camping, cooking, making fortress for castle siege, and weather systems, amazing world map, new mini-games like milking the cow and fetching water through a watertower, and other more exciting new game contents and changes that will be available in the coming CBT.

This is a game with endless gameplay. Check the new trailer out to the melodious background music.

The second closed beta of Black Desert Korea in scheduled on April 22 and will last until May 11. The open beta of this game's Korean version is coming in the second half of 2014 and Pearl Abyss is still looking for a western publisher for the west now.

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