Patch 5170 Notes: Bug Fixes, New Quests for iPad

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Patch 5170 now is available for download, there are some bugs have been fixed. Check out the details below.

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Bug Fixes

  • Hearthstone will no longer remain on screen when Alt + Tab are pressed in Full Screen mode.
  • The client will no longer pester you repeatedly about the Season ending over and over again.
  • Losing an Arena match and returning to the key screen will no longer cause the key to appear to have been upgraded.
  • The sound played after casting Assassinate no longer continues after the attack has finished or is cancelled. Don’t forget to check for a pulse.
  • The Buy button in the Shop should now be properly clickable when you have 100 or more gold.
  • Accepting a Friendly Challenge while the Store UI is open will no longer cause the Store UI to remain and obstruct view of the deck selection screen. Store UI gets a little clingy sometimes.
  • You are once again able to start a game in any mode after exiting a Friendly Challenge match.
  • friends on the friend’s list will once again accurately reflect the game status of cross-game friends.
  • Minions once again gain +1 Health when Sword of Justice is triggered after Repentance is played.
  • Completing a quest when there are three quests in the quest log will no longer immediately grant a new quest.

New Quests
Daily Quest: IGR Login Reward (The description is still unknown) - 100Gold

One-time Quest: iPack (Awarded for playing a game on iPad.) - 1 Card Pack


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