Kingdom Under Fire II Interview with Producer Sang Youn Lee at GDC 2014





2P: Can you tell us the graphics differences between PC and PS4 versions?

A little hard to tell you right now because if the PC users know, they will be very angry. PS4 has much better graphics. PS4 graphics quality will be much better and higher than the PC version.

2P: How about the user interface?

They are very different. It is more focused on ps4 console.

2P: The new PS4 DualShock 4 controller has a lot of new features. How do you plan to integrate them into the game?

We think lots of things can be done with PS4 DualShock 4 controller. It's hard to announce at the moment but once you see it, you will enjoy the totally new experience with PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

2P: Will you develop KUF2 on Xbox One platform?

We are currently under discussion with Microsoft and hope we can have a chance to develop in Xbox One platform for our fans in Xbox platform.

Kingdom Under Fire II

2P: You started making this game in early 2008 and changed the direction of development several times before you come to the final stage. What do you think about the 6 years you've been through creating a game like KUF2?

At first when we started the development, it was not focused on PC version. We were focused on new consoles. When we started the project at first, it was not an online game. It was actually the single game for Xbox 360. We changed it to PC online game in 2009. By 2012, we have developed KUF2 as MMORPG. And we thought about MMORPG'S limitation. It is really hard to make it successful for long term in many regions. From 2012, we have expanded KUF2 for MMORPG.

2P: Have you located the western publisher of KUF2?

We are now discussing with several local partners and we are also thinking about to publish it by ourselves for the western market.

Kingdom Under Fire II

2P: What qualities will you take into consideration when choosing a western publisher?

The first priority for choosing the partner not for just western market but every region is about who really takes care of the user community and who is really good at game service.

2P: Do you have a time for the game's western beta and commecial?

Our goal for the western PC online OBT is winter this year. November or September this year. As we told you what our goal is, but we have to discuss with our local publisher and we respect their opinion. We haven't decided who will be our publisher for America, but we are almost close. So when we decide, we will have discussion on when to release. The deciding release date is more up to the publisher. So when the publisher decides when to do, we will follow.
The OBT is just a month before the commercial service begins.

One month after CBT, we are going to have OBT, and very soon, we are going to have commercial service.

Kingdom Under Fire II

2P: Can you say something to the fans of this game and the console gamers who will be your potential customers?

Thank you for loving our game. And we are trying very hard to release it. We are trying to make the best of the best KUF series.

2P: At G-star 2013 we were told that you have a new game to announce this year. Can you tell us something about the new game?

It is too early to say but there are some new titles. It is a big-scale online game too. Only that we can mention because of NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).

Kingdom Under Fire II

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