Black Desert Second Closed Beta Kicks off April 22

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Pearl Abyss and Black Desert's Korean publisher DAUM have announced on the official site that the second closed beta of this game will kick off April 22 and last until May 11 Seoul time (3 weeks in total).

DAUM has opened the beta application page for Korean market only to recruit testers. The recruitment runs from April 4 to April 14 and those very lucky winners will be announced on April 17.

Additionally, Pearl Abyss has updated over 200 HD new screenshots of Black Desert here. They are amazingly fine and beautiful including buildings of medieval style, silent rivers, quiet forests and more from different regions like Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia in Black Desert. The graphics and environment are so clean and wonderful and you figure out that the Black Desert world is in war and full of monsters in the field, and the cities and towns in different regions appear to be very distinctive. Check them out.

We will bring more information of Black Desert for fans here. Stay tuned and join other fans in our Black Desert fanpage here for the latest news, previews, reviews, interviews and more.

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