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Recommended Decks to Fight for Legend Card Back

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The official ranked play season 1 has begun today, there are 2 new card backs are available in this season, especially the legend card back, which looks very cool, but it requires you to hit legend rank. Therefore, in order to help you guys to fight for the legend card back, we’d like to recommend you some deck to go for legend rank.

Efficient Decks

Windfury Paladin

uper Aggro Rogue

Reynad's Modern Zoo Warlock

Super Aggro Shaman

Cho Style Murloc Warlock

Bran-new Murloc Warlock in S4

Shockadin Aggro Paladin

Aggro & Control Warrior

Noxious's Aggro Priest

Trump's Token Shaman

backspace's Coldlight Rogue

Trump’s Divine Zoo Warlock


Trump's Miracle Rogue


Fake Zoo - Aggro Warlock


Legendary/Expensive Decks

Gaara Ramp Druid

NA#1: Token Druid

Warlock: Handlock Giants

Contrologist Warrior

Kaza's Control Paladin
Nether Restoration Warlock

TidesofTime's Control Warrior


Realz's Force Roar Druid


Trump's Giants Mage

Trump's Freeze Mage


OTK Decks

OTK Frost Mage

OTK Rogue

Bran-new OTK Warrior

Mana Addict OTK Shaman

Kolento’s “SST” OTK Warlock

Midrange Decks

Holy Paladin

Kychu's Mid Shaman

Trump's Ramp Token Druid


Minion Heavy & Miracle Rogue

Amaz Priest


MaSsan's Watcher Druid

Trump Watcher & Token Druid

Reynad's Midrange Paladin

Gaara's Budget Ramp Druid

Control Priest


Gaara's Freeze Mage


Kolento's Frozen Skill Mage

Gaara's Fast Druid


NA #1: dog's Ramp Roar Druid


Hyped's Bananas Hunter



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