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Will You Try League of Legends Board Game ?

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Tired of clicking mouse or thumping Q, W, E, R? Here we have two players, Paulius and Tomas, made a board game for League of Legends.

This exquisitely made board game has gained great attention. Even official of LoL Riot showed his interesting. "It’s not a simple League of Legends board game, and gamers will have a better understanding over the game after playing it." Paulius claimed.

This LoL board game is a turn-based game designed for 2-10 players. It might take 2 hours for one game. According to the producer, it could be an exciting game that someone could even screw up the game.

We do NOT hold any responsibility for injuries or lost friendships ;)

Paulius and Tomas also revealed some detailed gameplay for us. If you have any interests, check the link below:



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