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By ThisIsGame (in Korean)
English translation by chaose5

Black Desert Online will be commencing its second close beta test (CBT) in the coming April. Recently, an interview with Black Desert Developer, Kim Daeil of Pearl Abyss has been conducted by ThisIsGame (TIG). The interview contains some exciting new content and interesting changes which are expected in the coming CBT.

Black Desert

TIG: How does Pearl Abyss view the response (from players) on the last close beta test (CBT)?

Kim Daeil: Aside from some major bugs, the response (from players) is pretty good. Some players enjoy travelling around and performing quests which do not have much hint. Meanwhile, others like to discover exploration points to accumulate contribution points, enjoying in-game contents along the way. There are also some players who like to form small groups and participate in siege battle. On the other hand, many players feel that the graphics is very good.

TIG: Do you have the same feeling as other players while playing the game?

I was totally addicted to it. While the server was shut down, I even asked other staff to activate the server so that I can play awhile. However, the staff actually stopped me from doing so. It was quite funny.

After that, I realize that it is because I was playing Ranger. Ranger is a very interesting class, unlike other classes in Black Desert. Therefore, in this coming second CBT, one of the aims is to make other classes fun to play with as well. Please take note of this: this time, we will definitely make all other classes very fun to play with.

TIG: Is there any disappointment in the 1st CBT?

Well, the action of the characters is likely one of the disappointments. Although our staffs are pretty good in this aspect, the fluidity of the attack motion is still not as good as we expected.

Originally, we plan to make certain skills to be used as the finishing hit. So we added a slight action delay before and after the skills. However, this causes the combo chain to be broken. Therefore, many of these action delays will be removed.

Black Desert

The inability to chain skill combo smoothly is experienced in the 1st CBT

TIG: There are certain players who think that the learning curve of the game is pretty steep.

Well, I actually expected this in the 1st CBT. Players who are familiar with other games would probably be able to learn the game easily. However, it might be too difficult for casual players. Therefore we apologize about it and have implemented some changes which help new players to pick up the game faster. Many guides and pointers such as how to use the world map have been introduced. We will anticipate the response of players on these changes.

TIG: Would it be difficult to make such a complicated game easy to learn?

We are not expecting all players to be able to comprehend the game fully upon first contact. We are hoping that players can work things out one thing at a time. Black Desert is not aiming to create a perfect system, but rather a system whereby players will naturally learn while playing the game.

TIG: Many players attributed the high difficulty of the game to the death penalty and random player kill (PK).

The random PK was a bug. Actually, one is only allowed to PK other players during Siege War period. Many players thought that it was part of the game system, despite the notice and information we have released on this bug. Our reputation has gone down the drain due to this (LOL).

Black Desert

The death scene in the 1st CBT; players could lose their items or experience.

TIG: Other than this, there are certain aspects which make players feel sad, for example, the death of their mounts.

Being able to kill others' mounts is a mistake on our side, and it has been fixed immediately. Initially, we thought that the mount is expensive and players would look after them carefully. However, sometimes players just left their horses alone to hunt monster. Only then, we realized that we have made a huge mistake.

Moreover, we initially have the misconception that players would be playing peacefully, but we are wrong. There are too many systems involved in the game, and we miscalculated the difficulties of a particular system.

TIG: Are you saying that the difficulties in the 1st CBT is higher than expected?

Yes, more or less. We don't want to see casual players leaving the game due to high difficulties or being forced to become stronger after being oppressed by others. What we wanted was different types of players can play the game differently, and they don't have to compete with others in every aspects.







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