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The second closed beta of Black Desert is coming very soon in mid-April, and Black Desert's producer Kim Daeil has answered a lot of questions in a pre-beta interview with GameMeca. They will introduce new features of castle siege, more mini-games, new collaboration gameplay (translated from Korean), new adventure node functions and more. Check out the details below.

Black Desert's Producer Kim Daeil

General Information of the Second CBT

The second closed beta will last for three weeks in Korea and the max level is set at 50. The new city Calpheon will be added and it is three times as large as the city in the first CBT. The forests are located in the south of Calpheon in which you can also find some mysterious villages; farm and the main village are located in the north near a harbor. There are four playable characters including Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Giant which are the same characters in the first CBT.

Black Desert Won't Have Instant Dungeons

They won't add any instant dungeons in the second CBT, but will adjust the refresh time of monsters and add more refresh sites. All dungeons are open world dungeons and they are going to introduce some of this kind of open world dungeons in the upcoming CBT.

They don't have any plan to introduce instant dungeons like in other MMORPGs to Black Desert as the charm of MMORPG they think is the communication between players and seeing what others are doing while instant dungeons seem to isolate players from the outside open world. Kim said that they will think about introducing some similar features. Several players working together without external interaction in a instant dungeon to take down a powerful boss with different strategies and receive rewards is the good part of dungeon gameplay, and they will develop kind of collaboration gameplay instead with which 2-4 players can work together to take down a powerful boss in the field.

New Collaboration Gameplay

You can't find a distinct tank, dps or support role in Black Desert so that in a boss battle, the formation becomes very important. The damage, defense and other stats of the team as a whole will differ a lot according to the formation. For example, if players stand in a circle, the defense of the whole team will be higher than in any other formations. If so, this formation is the best one to adopt to defend the boss attack. If players stand in a straight line, the first player in the line will cast the highest damage. The collaboration gameplay only works on super bosses for teams in the field, but not on general bosses in the field.


New Features of Castle Siege

One of the castle siege weapons cannon will be introduced in the second CBT as well as some more new features. Guilds should build up their symbols which are something like command centers or fortresses before the siege begins at a specified time. Some NPCs can be employed to build a symbol with woods, stones etc. and you will have to defend your symbol in the progress of construction. Both factions need to defend their own symbol as well as destroy the enemy's symbol. If your symbol is destroyed during the siege, you lose. On the other hand, "morale" will be added in castle siege. Destroying buildings in the enemy's base successfully will increase your faction's morale. Then the siege will go to the direction that benefits you. Castle siege won't be exclusive to those who love PvP any longer. They hope that players who love exploration and production can also play a part in castle siege like being mercenaries.


New Types and Functions of Adventure Nodes

When players arrive at some place, the adventure node in that place will be activated and the node will automatically connect with nodes nearby. In adventure nodes, players can hire NPCs to do production or to trade or transport items through the node connections they have built. In a mineral node, you can mine normal stones at the beginning, but if you keep mining, you can mine yellow ore etc. In a production node, if you keep developing the node, you will get potatoes or corns.

No Sea Battle for Now & Previewing the Island & More Intersting Places

Sea battle will not be available in the upcoming CBT.

The newbie village for the some classes is located on an island offering some unique exploration and production contents. Players of other classes need to come to the island by boat. They will probably provide sailing boats or large warships for sea battle or trade in the future.

Apart from the island, they will create some other kinds of special topography like a kind of village in trees. Players will go to this village by climbing up big tree branches. What's more, they will also add mazes or hidden underground cities.

New Features of Mounts

There are many horses in the field and you can choose one and tame it through mini-games. And horses are not just vehicles any more. You need to feed the horses and they will give birth to better horses by mating.

New Combat Effects & Guild Quests

In the second closed beta, a special combat effect will be added. If your character's leg is hit, it will make you move slower or even can't move. Guild quests are available but they are very difficult to complete. It is suggested that you do them with your guild mates to increase your guild contribution.

Constellation & NPC Intimacy

In the future version of Black Desert, an option of constellation will be added on character creation interface. If your character has the same constellation with the NPC, the emotional intimacy between you and the NPC will increase faster every time you talk to him or her. With the increased intimacy, you may buy items at lower prices or receive secret quests from the NPC.

More Mini-games Being Added & Advanced Weather Effects

More mini-games is coming in the second closed beta like milking cows, doing puzzles to go through mazes and fetching water. Ongoing quests, unreceived quests, typhoon position and weather effects will be marked on the map. Weather effects in the second CBT are not just decorations. Weather will affect the growth of crops for example.

Source: GameMeca

For more information about Black Desert, you can visit the developer Pearl Abyss's Facebook page and our Black Desert fanpage.

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