Headlines Today: Dead Trigger 2 Got a Big Update, 'Arena of Death' Mode Added

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Dead Trigger 2 got a big update to version 0.5.0 yesterday. In addition to the highly anticipated "Arena of Death" mode, new zombies, environments, and weapons are in tow, along with a leaderboard that allows you to challenge your friends. The Arena is a survival-type gamemode with point-based rewards for killing endless numbers of zombies. 

Dead Trigger 2


Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath was first launched on the original Xbox. From its original gameplay and incredible western atmosphere it was a departure from the Oddworld universe but also a bold new take on the FPS genre. An iOS port of this HD version was announced quite a while ago but since it missed its "Winter 2013" release date, the team at Jaw has been really quiet. Well that silence is broken today with the release of a gameplay trailer for the upcoming title.


DJMax Technika Q is out for iOS in the U.S. With crazy fast music that is. The DJ Max series from Korean devs Planet Team are pretty well known for working your fingers to the bone in their rhythm game when played on their harder difficulties. The game has some 50 different style songs. And instead of the traditional DJ Max-style down-scrolling bars that you'll press when they cross a bottom line, the screen is now split in half. Besides, Technika Q will also track songs played in real time against leaderboards.


Motorcycle stunt SIM Joe Danger: Infinity added a new daily challenge mode in its latest update. These once-a-day challenges pit all players against unique multifaceted level layouts every 24 hours. Scores are tracked both cumulatively and for individual levels -- committed players will rack up larger amounts of coins with every session, giving extra incentive to return to the mode on a daily basis.

Joe Danger: Infinity

Except above, there are many other big things happened:

1. Facebook Acquiring Oculus VR for $2 Billion
2. Supercell Determined Boom Beach Release Date, Will Hit App Store This Thursday
3. Oculus Rift Developer Cancelled the Oculus Rift Edition of Minecraft


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