Kingdom Under Fire II News Wrap-up: Hexter, Gameplay Movie & More

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March 17-23:

The developer Blueside revealed a new area called Hexter, a new character customization video featuring large-scale troop fighting, a movie of City and Field gameplay, and information on this game's battle system, PvP system and PvE system.

The developer of Kingdom Under Fire II Blueside revealed a new area called Hexter for players to explore which is located in the South East of Bersia continent. As various kinds of grand size monsters live in Hexter, this area is only open for players who are level 24 and above.

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Buleside unveiled a character customization video for Kingdom Under Fire II featuring large-scale troop fighting.

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Cities and fields in Kingdom Under Fire II are open environment where you can explore this game and enjoy the hunting, collecting staff etc. as well. Blueside released a trailer to show what the gameplay in cities and fields looks like.

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Kingdom Under Fire II supports 2 types of battle system. You can be the hero in the battle field by switching two battle systems freely. They are the Hero Battle and the Troop Battle. You can also level up the Hero and the Troop.

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There are four PvE modes in KUF2 including including Mission, Field map, Raid and Invasion and four PvP modes which are Hero Combat PVP, Troop Strategy PVP, Guild War and Faction War. Every mode has different and fun gameplay.

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