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Fantasy RPG game series League of Angels' Thanksgiving events announced





Thanksgiving has all the elements of a perfect holiday — you get to eat delicious food, go shopping on Thanksgiving Eve and Black Friday, and spend time with family and friends. But mostly, it’s about gratitude. For this Thanksgiving, League of Angels II and League of Angels – Paradise Land want to thank players for their continued love, support, and enthusiasm for the game. With a series of holiday events plus tons of free giveaways, the popular RPG game series shows great gratitude and promises players a happy and fruitful Thanksgiving! 

LoA2: Special Gifts, Giveaways and Black Friday Limited Wheel
League of Angels II is a popular 3D browser MMORPG recognized by Facebook as one of 2016’s Best Web Games. As the most powerful Angels on Sapphire, Isha will be giving away free gifts to all warriors from all servers on a daily basis! The Giveaway Event begins on Nov.23rd and ends on Nov.28th midnight. Various free gifts such as Engraving Stone, Mythic Battle Pet Shard Pack, Sapphire Jade, and Bless Stone will be given away each day. Players can visit Elf Realm to collect them. Moreover, players can expect more on Nov.23rd. Special rewards and events besides the Giveaway Event will be released on this particular day to celebrate Thanksgiving in game.

Together with the warm gatherings of Thanksgiving and the insane shopping sprees of Black Friday, a brand new event called Black Friday Limited Wheel will also be online to bring players extra resources and rare items. To earn those exclusive and rare items such as the new mount Moonlight Carriage, Artifact Armaments, Artifact Minion cards, players can spin the Wheel from Nov.24th to Nov.27th. According to the official website, players can learn more details and info about the Black Friday Limited Wheel Event on game forum and FB page. Stay tuned and Get Ready!

To have an even more festive Thanksgiving together, League of Angels also prepared awesome rewards for those players that have not logged for a while. It is a perfect time to unite and set off your adventure on Sapphire with your comrades once again.

LoA-PL: Brand New Companion System
As the latest mobile title of the fantasy RPG series, League of Angels – Paradise Land will bring a brand new Companion System in this Big Day. The Companion System functions like the Hero System, players can collect certain amount of shards to combine, and each companion owns different kinds of quality which are rare, epic and legendary.

Companions can be levelled up and advanced. It can be levelled up by using magic dust which are divided into three quality: Light Magic Dust, Medium Magic Dust and Heavy Magic Dust. Companion Advance needs the same type of companion shards. Equipping a Companion can provide lots of Blessing stats for the Hero. Activate Companion Talents to increase Blessing stats, Blessing stats is the bonus that a Companion provides for the blessed hero.

In this Companion System, companion Codex is also added which is available at Lv.60. Once activated, Codex stats are added to all deployed Heroes. Obtain all the Companions listed in the Codex to activate it. There are also upgrade function for companion codex once certain pair of companion reaches it Star Level. You can also Tap Companion Codex to access the Advance function.

There are plenty of reasons to love Thanksgiving, League of Angels game series can be one of them. Come and join in the epic journey!

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