You Can Finally Reel In Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV On PSVR

It is finally time for us to pick up our fishing poles and head out with Noctis and pals to go do some fishing in VR, because that is what we’ve been waiting for. Let’s just admit that this bit of fanservice is so well timed, we can’t even be a little mad about it. The game is nothing if not perfectly marketed, as it feeds into our need for wish fulfillment. Monster of the Deep exists for no other reason than to let you hag out with your favorite boy band, reel in a few fish, and then sit back around an open fire and crack open a nice cold drink. It feeds into a player’s need to immerse themselves fully into a game in one of the most simple ways.

Now we aren’t playing as Noctis to hang with the group, we get to be ourselves hanging with the boys. Doing all the fun stuff with the boys and ignoring the pesky finale of the game with it’s silly thing like destinies, lack of choices, and (Spoilers for a year old game inbound) the possible deaths of your best friends which are never confirmed but heavily implied.

Instead, in Monster of the Deep we get to live in a fantasy world where Final Fantasy XV is beautiful and nothing hurts.

And hey, you get to reel in some legendary sea beasts and take photos of yourself in the PSVR’s headgear along the way. Honestly, this game is just so well planned, I don’t see it doing anything but making VR less of a fringe gamer trend and more of a staple product. Which is pretty fabulous, all told.

But if you wanted a more PR-friendly pitch for the game, here is the official description of Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV:

The ever-expanding Final Fantasy XV Universe casts its line into the world of virtual reality with today’s release of Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, a brand-new VR experience for PlayStation®VR system. Based on the mini-game from Final Fantasy XV, this new game invites players to head out on an angling expedition with crown prince Noctis, his companions Ignis, Prompto and Gladio and other familiar faces across picturesque locales.

Players can put their fishing skills to the test in Story Mode, which places them in the middle of an exhilarating, action-packed showdown with a menace lurking in the depths, or take in the sights, sounds and scenery of Eos through a variety of challenges in Free Fishing mode. With 13 different rods to use, 61 lures to choose from and over 100 varieties of fish to catch, players can look forward to a gratifying journey ahead to becoming Eos’ greatest Lord of the Lures.

The game’s launch trailer is below.

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