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Legendary Rank: OTK Frost Mage Deck with 90% Win Rate

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Greetings fellows

Today I’d like to share you guys with my one turn kill Mage deck, well, the strategy is kind of similar with Giant Mage’s, remember the Giant Mage? Before Mage was nerfed, the Giant Mage deck is too powerful to be defeated. So how about this OTK Mage? Check out my deck and strategy below.

(Since the Nat Pagle had beed nerfed, some player made a tiny modification for this deck: http://2p.com/6077167_1/Hearthstone-Burst-Pro-Mage-Deck--32-Damage-in-One-Turn-by-flord.htm)

Question 1: How to realize OTK?
1. Survive to the 10 drops turn
2. Get all the key cards for OTK at the 10 drops turn – 2*Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Kobold Geomancer or Bloodmage Thalnos, 2*Fireball, 2Frostbolt, and 2*Ice Lance, which are 9 cards in total.

Play 2*Sorcerer’s Apprentice on board, then the Fireball cost 2 mana, Frostbolt and Ice Lance cost 0 mana -> play the Kobold Geomancer, then these spells can deal damage: 7+7+4+4+5+5=32 damage/10 mana. If you don’t play the Kobold Geomancer, then they can deal 26 damage/8 mana. The advantage is: all these cards are spells, so you don't need to care about whether there are taunt minions on the opponent's side.

Question 2: How to survive to the 10 drops turn?
Similar with Giant Mage’s strategy:
At the early stage: Rely on Doomsayer, Frost Nova, Blizzard to control board, and play Mirror Image and Ice Barrier to build shield wall.

At the later stage: Rely on Ice Block to survive longer.

Question 3: How to collect all the key cards?
This deck has strong card drawing ability, as you can see, there are many minions in this deck can draw cards – 2*Loot Hoarder, Bloodmage Thalnos, 2*Novice Engineer, Acolyte of Pain, 2*Arcane Intellect, 2*Coldlight Oracle, and Nat Pagle. Although Pagle is nerfed, it still can draw card and absorb at least 4 damage for you.
So barring accidents, you’re definitely will get all the key cards at the 10 drops turn. Actually, sometimes your hand is likely to be full if you don’t control the amount of your hand cards well. In that case, you can consider replacing the Acolyte of Pain (or one of the other minion with card drawing ability) with another Blizzard or a Flamestrike.

Question 4: When will this deck lose?
I guess the hardest opponent is Protection Warrior, which might pile up a lot of armors, so that you cannot kill him even though you get all the key cards. Besides, some aggro decks might get good luck and knock you down too fast.
Anyway, in overall, this deck has very high win rate, have a try and enjoy yourself.

OTK Frost Mage - The Power of Magic

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