Black Desert Second Closed Beta Lasts for about Three Weeks

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Black Desert

Black Desert Korea's publisher DAUM just announced that the upcoming closed beta of Black Desert will last for about three weeks while the first CBT lasted for only one week.

The amount of testers will be five to six times more than that in the first closed beta, and there were about 5,000 testers in last CBT. Players can apply for beta keys through official methods as well as the previous Facebook event. To my knowledge, it requires the Korean identity to register a DAUM account. That could be one of the problems for a western Black Desert fan to play this game on Korean server in addition to the IP-block setting.

The map in the second CBT is larger, the graphics, action combat and game contents have been improved. Regarding the system specification, the publisher said that it won't differ a lot from the requirements in the first closed beta and the developer will continue to optimize the game. We will bring more news in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

Now take a look at the newly updated wonderful pictures of Black Desert which may make you immersed in the game. Click the image to enlarge.

Black Desert
Black Desert
Black Desert
Black Desert
Black Desert

The new fur coat on the Sorceress looks like being wet by water.

Black Desert

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