The Musical “Hamilton” as Video Game. Would You Play It?





Gamers are always in search of something new to play. Once they have achieved the highest level, their inner player is hungry for more. The world of videogames develops daily trying to suit needs of everyone. However, there is an appeal from people whose area of interests is not involved in videogames industry. Broadway buffs. These people cannot imagine their lives without Broadway shows. Then, let them turn into their favorites in virtual reality. The sensational musical “Hamilton” has so much to offer for creators of videogames. There are lots of plot lines for making an awesome multi-level game. How would you start it? Here is a sketch version of the Broadway musical made as a videogame: 

Level 1. Hamilton is coming. There would be minor obstacles you must tackle: graduating from The King’s College in New York and making the way to George Washington to become his irreplaceable helper.
Level 2. The first Secretary of the Treasury. This level would be more complicated to get to the 3rd one. It includes the Battle of Monmouth, Ten Duel Commandments and Cutting off the British navy at Yorktown. 

Level 3. Come what may. You would need to rack you brains in order to avoid violence of James Reynolds. After that, do you best to help Eliza’s father to get in the Senate. Prepare for more as you have to survive in the administration of John Adams.  

Level 4. Survivors try to survive. That would be the final one. The presidential election of 1800 would be your main concern. Done? Then, push on the button of eloquence to exchange letters with Burr. He is a skillful and worthy adversary. A draw? If yes, prepare for the duel. Hamilton vs. Burr. There is something you can use to beat Burr… Do you know what it is? Let it be the question which will be answered by videogame creators. In fact, it may be the draft version of a real project. Millions of fans would like to see the virtual reality where they can save Hamilton. The space of videogames is limitless and bottomless. Don’t be sad if the musical is over. By the way, did you watch it personally? If not, tickets for the Hamilton musical in Chicago are available here. One day you will come home and will turn on your favorite “Hamilton” videogame. 





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