GDC 2014: Gamevil Showcases Five Upcoming MMO Global Launches for Mobile Devices

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Gamevil GDC 2014

During this week’s GDC, Gamevil’s showcasing five new games that will soon be released worldwide at their booth (via 148Apps). It’s worth noting that the five new titles are all online mobile games supporting multiplayer gameplay modes, maybe Gamevil thinks hardcore online multiplayer games will be big in 2014. Ok, here are some features of the five new titles they announced at a press conference.

Zenonia Online, already out in Korea, is a very popular action-RPG series. This game will not skimp on the action-RPG gameplay, but will also add in MMO features like lounges to meet with other players, eventually partying up to take on the game’s levels; battle royale and PVP modes to participate in for competitive gameplay. Zenonia Online will launch on the AppStore worldwide later this year.

ZENONIA Online from Gamevil Trailer

Dragon Blaze allows players to gather a team of heroes, level them up and battle them out against other teams of heroes and villains, with the ability to participate with up to 3 other players in real-time. The global launch in the 3rd quarter of 2014 will debut the game’s online PVP mode as well. This “simulation RPG” which has reached #1 on the App Store top grossing charts of Asian territories, is scheduled to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2014, and will debut the game’s online PVP mode as well.

Dragon Blaze Preview from Gamevil

Dungeon Link builds off of the popular “connect the dots” style of games, players build up a team of four heroes, and then battle enemies in an arena where they must try to connect as many tiles as possible between the four sets of color points in order to attack the enemies, with more tiles meaning more damage. Over 2000 dungeons will be available when release, but there’s not a release date announced by Gamevil yet.

Dungeon Link from Gamevil Gameplay

This is the first debut of Elements: Epic Heroes through Gamevil’s GDC press conference, they showed off this 3D action-RPG for iOS and Android. Featuring online play with touchscreen-friendly controls, players will level their heroes and fight through various dangerous environments for glory when it releases later this year.

Elements Epic Heroes from Gamevil Trailer

Mark of the Dragon is Gamevil’s Clash of Clans inspired mobile title and has become so popular. Build defenses, train attackers, and go after enemies. This game’s big difference from CoC is that players can summon dragons which they control to attack specific enemy structures, giving this well-worn genre a potential fresh take. Mark of the Dragon is slated for a summer launch this year.

Mark of the Dragon from Gamevil Trailer 2

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