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2P.com Is Recruiting Writers!

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Update - August 1st: We decided to balance the price of News and Opinions. Now for each news article you will be rewarded $5 and each Opinion $25. We also adjusted bonuses for News, details of which will be provided once you apply for 2P writer. 

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Are you a video game fanatic? Do you love talking and writing about video games? If the answer to these questions is YES, then show us you are the perfect fit for 2P.com!

We welcome anyone who has a passion to write. We hope that our writer project can provide you a platform to tell others who you are or what you think about the game industry. Those who become one of our guest writers will not only be paid but also granted priority access to occasionally receive exclusive game beta keys and/or codes.

If you are interested in joining us, you can download this Application Form and email it to cindy@2p.com or send it to “cindyhio” via Skype. If you have already written some articles, you can send them to us as a reference.

After receiving your email, we will send you confirmation within 24 hours. We will then review your application and, if you already have some experience in writing gaming-related articles, reply to you within 7 days. If you don't have any such experience before, we'd like you to write one for us and we'll check it and decide whether it gets through or not (if it is approved, this article will also be paid). When you get the approval email, you officially become one of our writers!

If your application is approved by us, you will accept the following:

  • Register a 2P.com account and use it to write your articles.
  • You can write two types of articles: News and Opinions.
  • For News, we encourage you to help us catch up with the latest things happen in the MMO world. We only accept news articles regarding the major MMOs in the market or promising new MMOs . Keep in mind that the news you write should be important announcement, breaking news, or content that would interest the general MMO community. Your submission time should not be 3 hours later than other major media or your source (eg. official announcement, social media platforms and so on) otherwise we may not accept your news articles.
  • The Opinion pieces you write should identify with our core readers, therefore, before you start writing. For Opinions, we are talking about reviews, previews, topics, analysis and more. Please notify our editors what game and what topic you are going to write in order to avoid any repeated material or topics that don't meet our requirements. You can pick topics you want to write or you can write topics provided by us. Remember: we usually don't accept any random Opinions written by yourself. Only articles that get through by our editors will be paid. 
  • How to use our editing tool and some basic formats of articles on 2P.com
  • The articles you write for us can only be published on your personal Twitter, Facebook or blog after they have been published on 2P.com
  • Writers should guarantee all their articles are not a copy of other sites' content. If they quote other sites or news from other media, they should refer to the original source.
  • 2P.com’s editors, owners or operators reserve the right to remove or modify posted materials at any time and for any reason.
  • Material that is defamatory, libelous, knowingly false or inaccurate, obscene, pornographic, indecent, abusive, vulgar, bigoted, racially offensive, hateful, harassing, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, offensive or invasive of personal privacy are prohibited.
  • Special requirement: due to our company policy, you need to submit your passport to receive salary successfully.

There are 5 levels of 2P’s writers. The higher the level, the higher the remuneration. Five levels are as following:
Newbie Writer
Skilled Writer
Advanced Writer
Advanced Columnist

When you join 2p’s writer team, you are the New Writer. After you have published 5 articles at 2p.com and your writing ability is approved by our editors, you will be the Skilled Writer. When you have published 15 articles, you will become the Advanced Writer. When you have published 30 articles, you may become the Columnist of 2p.com. After you have published 60 articles, you will become the Advanced Columnist.

Be available, we would like to keep in touch with each other. We are open to advice you share regarding the system. We would appreciate if you take some time to reply to your readers who comment on your articles. We are sure you will have more fans by doing that.

How much you can get is based on the views of your articles in the first week it has been published. You can see how many views your articles get under the title. 

1. About News: You get $5 for every piece of news you write. If the news gets a lot of views and user comments you may get extra bonus (PS: about the extra bonus, we would like to discuss it with you after you officially become our writer.
2. About Opinions: you get $25 for every opinion piece you write. If the article generates a lot of views and user comments you may get extra bonus.
3. We calculate your salary and bonuses of the previous month on the first day of next month. We will send you an email that contains the information of your salaries in the last month on the 7th day of each month. We will pay your salaries (after tax) to the credit card/debit card/Paypal accounts you provided on 20th of each month.
4. Please notice that with the development of 2p.com, the payment will be adjusted. We will inform you a month in advance if it is changed.

Email: cindy@2p.com
Skype ID: cindyhio (please introduce who you are when you add Cindy on skype :) )


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