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Alliance.Loda G-1 Interview: We are Stronger than Ever!





G1 Interview Loda

Today, we are happy to interview the sunny Alliance.Loda, talking about the new team and their great teamplay in G-1 Champions League so far. Loda is so nice to share as detailed as he can, showing his hope and happyness in DOTA2 scene.

2Pcom: Hi Loda, go ahead and say hi to everyone.

Loda Face Loda: Hiho, Everyone. I'm Jonathan "Loda" Berg and I’m happy to be here ^_^

2Pcom: Not long ago, your team was sponsored under the name Alliance. So first of all, we'd like to congratulate you. Can you share with us how this arrangement came to be?

Loda Face Loda: Well the idea of Alliance started quite a while ago. A month or two before DH Winter last year, I had already been contacted about making a team for Alliance. I looked through the community for the kind of players that would fit in the team, personality wise and skill wise, and was able to get a lineup I was really happy with.

Our team started of great with a win at the DHW tournament. I can honestly say everyone was a part of that win, we were a new and young team and we enjoyed playing together (shout out to Envy for helping us get that title).

Every team has a honeymoon period, and we went through the following month quite well, winning a lot of games and also getting 2nd at THOR cup. But I felt that something wasn’t working. I have always felt that a team with the same nationality can play for something greater, and bond in a better way. I’m very thankful to what Envy did for our team, but I knew in my heart that to go even further we had to swap him out. I reached out to my great Friend EGM (who has been my padawan for the last 6 months) about joining our ranks and yea. Here we are. Stronger than ever!

Now a few months later with a little change to the lineup we have the all Swedish Alliance. Our sponsor has been helping us out a lot on the way. And we are happy to now show everyone who we are representing.

And thanks for the congratulations. :D

2Pcom: Apart from your old partner Akke and EGM formerly of Infused, your other two teammates, S4 and AdmiralBulldog, can all be considered newcomers to the scene. With S4 as your team's captain no less, can you give us a formal introduction to the backgrounds of these two?

Loda Face Loda: S4 was a player I met when I played HoN for some time. Back then I saw him as a player with a lot of potential, but didn’t talk a lot with. Some year later he ended up playing Dota2 with some random teams, and once again I noticed that he had, hmmm how to say, the spirit of Dota in him? :D

When I ended my days in Zenith, I was watching a lot of the European scene, and the team "No Tidehunter" caught my eyes. I recognized S4, but they also had Admiral Bulldog, a player I’ve never seen nor heard of before. Since I always keep my eyes out for Swedish players, I watched a lot of their replays and was impressed by their performance. And from that moment I decided I wanted the two of them on my team. After talking to them, about their goals etc, I knew I needed them on my team.

When we changed our lineup we spoke about who should be captain. And we ended up with the idea that S4 should do it. It’s because S4 is a really smart guy when it comes to stats etc, but to be honest, it’s mostly because he knows how to listen, and know when he should trust his teams ideas (no matter how silly they sound). We are a team of friends, and therefore everyone has a say!

To be honest, I think the true reason to why I let S4 be captain is because he came up with the Roshan bait at DH winter finals. It was an idea made just before the finals and he reminded me of myself in that moment - Being able to trust in something, without trying it out in advance and still being confident about it. =D

2Pcom: After TI2 ended, you returned to Sweden and eventually became a part of NTH. NTH quickly improved and went up in everyone's rankings, what do you feel you and Akke's joining brought to the team?

Loda Face Loda: I think me and Akke added the experience and skill that the team needed to improve even more. We taught them how to be a real team and not just a combination of players if you know what I mean. :P

We brought a lot to the team that they needed, but at the same time they honestly taught us as much as we taught them. They had a great eye for small details, and these small details have helped both me and Akke improve a lot; How to use Dota range display in an effective way for example.

I think perhaps our personalities did a lot as well. We are used to being on teams, and how to make everyone feel a part and stuff like that. Doesn’t sound like a lot but... It means a lot! :D

GG Loda

2Pcom: Not long ago, your team underwent a roster change, with EternaLEnVy leaving. Do you feel that an all-Swedish team will bring superior communication and long-term growth?

Loda Face Loda: Haha. Yes obviously, otherwise I would never have worked towards that ^^. I feel that when we are an all-Swedish lineup that we can get better synergy and we are better at handling defeats and coming back from them. We have the possibility to become truly great, now it’s up to us to reach that goal. :D

Also the thing with communicating in your mother language is that some things take one millisecond shorter to say than it would take to say it in English. So, it does help, all the small details do ^^.

2Pcom: These past few days, we've seen that invites for TI3 are beginning to go out, with iG being the first to receive their invites. iG have been strong ever since TI2, what do you personally think are the reasons for their success?

Loda Face Loda: I think their success is due to hard work, high skill level on every role and player. And just a combination of players that just works really well. They also have been able to find their own play style and even affect the metagame.

Finally the teamplay iG’s teamplay is what truly makes them shine. They are the kind of team that if they are playing the losing game, they just group up as 5 and fight their way back to victory just by their great timing in team fights. A scary team to face. :)

2Pcom: Currently in Gosugamers' rankings, Alliance is second in the world, so we assume that you've got a great chance of getting invites. With iG being first to get invites, can we ask you to make a prediction -- in what rank do you think your team will receive your invite?

Loda Face Loda: Haha yea, if only the Gosugamers ranking was the official ranking in the world. :)

Sure we've done really good for quite some time now and two LAN titles as well. So we truly wish that we would have the honor of receiving an invite soon. But at the same time we don’t take anything for granted, and will just keep staying at the top. Worst case we will have to win a qualifier, so we are prepared for it.

Loda and His Beloved

2Pcom: Due to ping and delay reasons, EU and Asian teams probably don't play each other much in everyday circumstances. This season's G-1 has two EU/NA qualifer spots, are you particularly looking forward to being able to play against Asian teams in an offline environment?

Loda Face Loda: Yes, we are very excited to get that chance. To get to fight the Chinese on their home turf, to get that experience we need when it comes to facing their teams, so that we can be confident in ourselves when we face them. And also so that we can meet our fans in China. ^_^

2Pcom: Let's talk about your games today. You defeated Mouz by a score of 2-0, let's focus on that second game. You guys picked a lineup that seemingly wouldn't be ideal for a level one Roshan, yet you still went for it successfully. Whose idea was this? Have you guys practiced this lineup and strategy before?

Loda Face Loda: Haha, this strategy is something that was created quite some time ago. We just tweaked it a little bit so as to trick our opponents that we were not doing it (by scouting with treants). I think the lineup and idea to go rosh lvl 1 was my idea. Then the rest all helped with some ideas and after practicing it a few times we were confident that it would work. :D

A few months ago we were playing a lot of pubs with other Swedish pro players. Every game we tried to kill rosh lvl 1, and somewhere from there it came from. :p

2Pcom: After taking Roshan, your Axe was dominant in bottom lane, crushing the other side. By 15 minutes in, the score was 19-0, how are you feeling right now?

Loda Face Loda: :D Of course, it’s a great feeling, to try something like this in an important game and succeed, especially since we lost to Mouz a few days ago in the EMS. So right now we are just happy and relaxed, but we know that we have to keep playing well to reach the top 2.

2Pcom: I'm curious about the Axe. Why you choose Axe? Actually, he rarely got chance to be banned or chosen in G1 so far.

Loda Face Loda: I think it’s because of the strength of Axe and Dazzle. When Axe can go behind tower and tank the wave with support from heal etc. If opponents can’t get cs, battlehunger is a very strong ability. :) And also disrupt + call + heal kills any support early on.

2Pcom: After defeating Mouz, your next opponent will be the victors of NaVi vs Dignitas. What do you make of your chances?

Loda Face Loda: Nothing but victory is acceptable! Nah But I’m confident in our ability to beat both teams. But every bo3 is different, and perhaps they will bring something new to the table. Luckily its double elimination so neither team is out if they lose. :)

2Pcom: Out of all the European teams out there, who do you think are the biggest threat to you?

Loda Face Loda: To be honest, Mouz is a team that fares fairly well against us. I would probably see them and Fnatic as the most troublesome team in EU for us ^^. But at the same time there are actually quite a lot of good teams in the scene right now. Anyone can beat anyone pretty much, even though some are more stable than others.

All teams have their own style, and it works better versus some certain teams. That why Dota is weird sometimes. When you see a rank 10 team beat a rank 3 team, it’s usually due to playstyle in my experience. Na'vi seems strong at this moment, so does Liquid and even EG. But they all are a bit unstable at this moment, so it’s hard to say

2Pcom: This season of G-1 brings EU and NA qualifiers along with a record prize pool, can you give us your assessment of the competition thus far?

Loda Face Loda: I think G-1 is a really great tournament. Giving us EU and NA teams the chance to go head to toe with the best in Asia. The tournament has handled the DDoS issue well and we are very excited to be a part of it. :)

Special thanks to AutumnWindz and Tuski

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