Watch a Real Audi Blown up by a $80,000 Remote Control Car

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Call of Duty Online

There's a new video on Call of Duty Online's official site featuring a nerd blowing up some dummy targets as well as an Audi with a self-made remote controlled car. It says that the experiment costs 500,000 Yuan, which is nearly $80,000 USD. It's very likely that this is an official sponsored test, but you have to admit that the game's publisher Tencent Games gets a deep pocket.

Call of Duty Online is Activision's MMO version of Call of Duty, specially developed for Chinese market. The game is free to play and published by Tencent Games. Offering story and multiplayer modes, the game brings back the most classic maps and iconic characters. The multiplayer system remains similar to that in Modern Warfare.

The game will start closed beta in China on April 30.


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