5+3 MOBA Games for Your Mobile Devices

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Moba Games on Mobile Devices

Have you ever imagined playing DOTA while you are waiting for a bus? Or playing League of Legends while, let's say, you are using the bathroom? Well those dreams may come true in the future, for some MOBA games have already landed on mobile devices. Although big hitters like DOTA and LOL aren't embracing mobile just yet, 5 pioneers and 3 upcoming ones are here to provide you an opportunity to partly realize your dream.
(For those who are not familiar with the genre, MOBA stands for Multiplayer online battle arena, also known as action real-time strategy. Two teams of players compete with each other and each player controls one hero. They are tasked with pushing to the opposite side of the map and destroying opponent's base.)

1. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Heroes of Order and Chaos is a free-to-play MOBA made by Gameloft. It is released for iOS and Android on November 21, 2012.
The game is feature-rich and offers 30 varied Heroes, which guarantees the complexity of the game – each hero has their own combat flavors that take an enormous amount of time to master yourself and defeat on the battlefield. Also, you can upgrade and develop your skills and equipment to overpower you foe. Tons of fast-paced MOBA action in 3v3 or 5v5 solo or multiplayer mode will be showed. Graphics of the game is gorgeous. It's probably the most close you can get to a PC-like MOBA on a mobile device.

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