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Guild Wars 2: Custom PvP and Spectator Mode Announced

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Guild Wars 2

You may already know that Guild Wars 2's Living Story content Flame and Frost series will get its final chapter Retribution at the end of April. However, Retribution doesn't simply culminate the storyline with an impressive mission or an epic boss fight but also adds custom arena and spectator mode to PvP.

Starting April 30, custom PvP and spectator mode will first be tested by a small number of players, precisely, the top 50 QP ladder players in both NA and EU. The custom PvP feature gives you the power to "make your own place to play, you can organize private tournaments with friends, and you can challenge other teams to scrimmage." When ArenaNet is ready to formally release the feature, you can purchase custom arena kits from the gem store. Below are the options you can make when creating a match.

  • Custom Arena
  • Name Password
  • Message of the Day
  • Team Size
  • Score Limit
  • Time Limit
  • Respawn Time
  • Respawn Type: (Wave vs. individual)
  • Minimum players
  • Reserved Slots
  • Spectators: Y/N
  • Ready Button
  • Auto Balance
  • Lock Gear
  • Lock Skills
  • No Stats
  • Map selection
  • Member players
  • Member Guilds
  • Banned Players

Guild Wars 2

Spectator mode is an anticipated feature for many players who play PvP, but it has to be made carefully. "For games that impact the leaderboard, we won't be allowing players to spectate directly," the developer said, one reason was to prevent players from cheating, and another reason was to help foster the PvP shoutcasting community. Once you start a game with spectator mode enable, you can choose to join the Red team, Blue team, or the Spectator.

Other new features coming in Flame and Frost: Retribution can be found here.


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