Arena of Heroes: New Hero 'Carmen' Released

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Arena of Heroes

Sneaky Games' Arena of Heroes recently released a promo video for new hero 'Carmen'. Arena of Heroes, which is designed to be free-to-play without any in-app purchases is now in closed beta testing. This turn-based MOBA will allow you to battle with your friend on multi-platforms, such as PC, iPad etc.

Speaking of the new hero 'Carmen', she's an assassin by trade. With her twin gauss pistols and her black-market stims, she is able to move quickly and quietly across the battlefield.

Heroes which have been released are Carmen, Doombeard, Blink, Lily, Tempest, Aliea and Evron.
Heroes which haven't been released are Junkyard, Max and Rathbone.

Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes at present provides 1 vs 1 battle mode that each player can select 4 heroes to fight before the battle beginning. But the official didn't reveal whether more battle modes supporting multi-players would be provided when the game formally released.

In Arena of Heroes, our familiar real-time battle is turned into a turn-based mode considering of the operation of mobile devices. If you want to know more details about the game's features and gameplay, check out the official site via

Heroes: Metus | Max | Rathbone | Junkyard | Carmen | Doombeard | Blink | Lily | Tempest | Aliea | Evron


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