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Guild Wars 2 Gets Exciting New Features in Retribution Patch

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Guild Wars 2

The last chapter of Guild Wars 2's Flame and Frost series, called Retribution, will not only bring you the climax of the storyline, but will also introduce in cool new contents. As you adventure with your allies Rox the charr and the norn Braham, you will have the chance to check out the new story dungeon Molten Weapon Facilities. The other focus of Retribution update is PvP, read on to learn the details.

Guild Wars 2

Molten Weapon Facilities pit you and your allies to battle against the Molten Alliance formed by Flame Legion and Dredge. You will experience the Living Story content in the final mission of the series, and you will write down your own history in the culminating boss battle.

There are new group contents, too. You and your guild mates can gear up for the new Guild Mission that transforms you and your friends into quaggan to rush through the icy waters of Frostgorge Sound. Guilds that want to do their parts in WvW can now get their hands on guild siege weapons, and they can also make themselves known by others with back banners.

Guild Wars 2

Fans of structure PvP can create their own private matches and customize their map settings. But that's not all and you can also make use of the new Spectator Mode to study and observe a live PvP match. These features will be opened to limited number of players at the beginning.

Check out more details of Flame and Frost: Retribution and get the new wallpapers & screenshots at the official page.


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