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Dungeon Hunter 4 Class Guide: Battleworn

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Dungeon Hunter 4 Battleworn

Battleworn: Equipped with powerful broadswords and thick armor; move slowly but can crush several enmeies with a single blow; as a close combat class that means you don't need to let Battleworn move here and there but point in the right direction when attacking.

Active Skills

Active Skills
  • Obliterate: Crush your enemies with a powerful overhead slam.
  • Charge: Rush into danger, knocking back anyone foolish enough to get in your way.
  • Arcane Armor: Summon a set of glowing armor that grants you 50% damage reduction.
  • Cleave: This powerful slash will make them regret going toe-to-toe with you.
  • Battle Standard: Call down a glowing Valen flag to invigorate nearby allies and reduce the damage they take by 30%.
  • Tremor: Shatter the earth with a heavy stomp, knocking enemies off their feet.
  • Jump Attack: Launch yourself into a group of enemies, landing with tremendous force.
  • Cyclone: Swing your blade with wild abandon, cutting a swath through your enemies.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills
  • Zealot: When you take damage, you regenerate Energy.
  • Leadership: You're a quick learner and a natural leader. Increases XP gains.
  • Burning Blade: Adds Fire Damage to all your attacks.
  • Physical Fortitude: Increases the speed at which you regenerate Health.
  • Mending Blow: A percentage of damage dealt is returned to you as Health.
  • Brutality: You are growing stronger, and are more likely to knock enemies off their feet.
  • Divine Inspiration: Decreases cooldown for Spirit Spells.
  • Hardiness: Increases your maximum Health and Energy.
  • Skilled Veteran: Your Critical Hits are more frequent, and do greater damage.
  • Rage: You are filled with a righteous fury, increasing your damage. For Valenthia!

Spirit Spells

Spirit Spells
  • Damnation: Summon a ring of righteous fire to damage all nearby enemies.
  • Rejuvenation: Mysterious energies heal you and grant you brief invulnerability.
  • Benediction: Greatly increases your party's Attack Damage, as well as the frequency and power of your Critical Hits.
  • Celestial Bolt: Stun and damage nearby enemies with Lightning strikes.
  • Confusion: A painful blast of darkness that can also confuse and terrify the feeble-minded.
  • Glaciation: A ring of Ice erupts from your body, hurting and Slowing enemies.
  • Armageddon: Call down a storm of meteors to punish the wicked.

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