What We Know about Tencent's Monster Hunter Online

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Monster Hunter Online

Tencent Games, the largest Chinese MMO developer and publisher, surprised the gaming world with Monster Hunter Online, a CryEngine 3 MMO based on Capcom's classic action game series. Below is something we've already known about this game.

This is a Monster Hunter game

Tencent's Monster Hunter Online is a fully-licensed MMO, and Capcom actually takes part in the development. You, as a hunter, will either fight for survival or train to be the top monster hunter in the dangerous world. Iconic giant monsters, huge weapons and flashy combat skills are the pillars of Monster Hunter Online.

Monster Hunter Online

It's all about hunt or be hunted

The game tries to eliminate the repetitive grinds and boring mob killing gameplay. You and your group can simply challenge the monster bosses — the idea is like Perfect World's RaiderZ. The game will feature new monsters, the beloved monsters in previous games, and MHF monsters. Caeserber is the new monster Tencent shows off, and other confirmed monsters include: Congalala, Rathian, Giaprey, Giadrome, Yian Kut-Ku, Plesioth, Congas, Mosswine, Bulldrome, Bullfangos, Cephalos, Cephadrome, Rukodiora, Daymio Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Hypnocatrice, Rathalos, Basarios and Kirin.

Monster Hunter Online

Weapon system

With the help of Capcom, combat and weapons in Monster Hunter Online will remain similar to the other MH games. There are great swords as well as katana, and you can also expect firearms in the game. Monster Hunter series always emphasizes on realistic combat, and Monster Hunter Online also promises both physically and visually realistic experience. There will be new moves for each weapon, and there will be sort of ultimate move for a weapon. What we know so far is that the ultimate skill will deal large amount of damage to monsters or provide special effects.

Monster Hunter Online
(A peaceful night in the village)

What's good for CryEngine 3?

CryEngine 3's TOD technology allows developer to create better real time light effect and dynamic weather. The engine also provides realistic monster damage effects, and you can even see the scars on the monsters after a fierce battle.

The game will start closed beta in China in June 2013. Whether the game will be published in other regions is to be confirmed.


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