Video Games: Positive Impact Versus Negative Influence?

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Do video games do any good for our development and for the teenage? When we encountered the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut, many people would have to ask themselves question as this?

A large number of residents blamed the video game as the root of violence, just like they ascribed the violence in daily life to the violence in TV and movie before the popularity of video games. However, TV as a media, just like the film, also have its positive sides, such as spread the knowledge, broad the horizon, and cultivate teenage with the education channel. Actually, every coin has two sides. Video game also has its positive influence on teenagers and children.

Although in a recent survey, most of Americans said that they can see a link between video games and violent behavior. And after so many gun violence events in the America, Present Obama also paid much attention on the research about how the video games affect the players.

Some researches pointed out that when one combines all relevant empirical studies using meta-analytic techniques, it shows that violent video games are significantly associated with: increased aggressive behavior, thoughts, and affect; increased physiological arousal; and decreased pro-social (helping) behavior.

However, there is another group of research led by Janson Allaire from North Carolina State University's Gains Through Gaming Lab indicated that there is little evidence that playing games can cause users to become violent, and instead have a positive impact.

We focus on cognition and learning, trying to understand the exact mechanisms, such as the impact on reaction time and memory. Games particularly with psychological functions are good.

Besides violent video games, such as shooting games or fighting games, some big companies and independent developers also created games aimed at positive skill and habits.

With the goal of curbing childhood obesity, a mobile game targeted on encouraging children to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables is developed by Jive Health, a company founded by university student Dennis Ai.

Kids really do enjoy playing the game, it's looking very promising. You can't teach children healthy eating habits by just preaching to them.

Although, shooter gamers are the primary reason for the notorious source of violence in game, it has its positive aspect also. Study from University of Toronto suggested that playing shooting or driving video games, even lasting a short time, can improve the ability to search for a hidden target.

Below are some other researchers who supported that video games have some positive impact on people's life.

Researcher Ian Spence said

It's necessary for baggage screening, reading X-rays or interpreting satellite images, defeating camouflage or even just locating a friend's face in a crowd.

Boston Children's Hospital researchers reported the game can help children with anger problems regulate their emotions.

Journal Adolescent Psychiatry indicated that when their heart rate goes above a certain level, players lose their ability to shoot, teaching them skills to keep calm.

And a 2004 study showed that surgeons who played video games made fewer errors, possibly helped by learning focus and coordination.

University of Michigan's Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab, Carrie Heeter said

There are so many ways games can be used to have this kind of impact, and clearly one of the big ways is awareness learning.

Prof Magy Seif el-Nasr of North-eastern University, Boston, has been working on research about the impact of games.

This kind of problem-solving activity promotes better cognition and better memory over time.

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