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Na'Vi.Dendi G-1 Interview: I'm a Friendly Guy





Today we got a chance to speak to none other than Na'Vi.Dendi. You do not want to miss this interview as he talks about G1-League, Roster Changes and his trip to China. With him joining a joke), let us see what does he have to say about his team mate Ferrari_430 too.

2Pcom: Hello Dendi, Would you like to say hi to all of your Chinese fans at G1-League?
: Ni hao ma (Chinese Pinyin, meaning Hello)! (Hug)

2Pcom: About 3 weeks ago Na'Vi was invited to play in G1-League Western Qualifier. How is the preparation for G1-League going for until now?
: Preparation started not so long ago, we are now together on boot camp in Kiev. A lot of fun!

2Pcom: About one month ago Zerogravity announced on Na'Vi's youtube channel that you guys will be going to China. Was playing in the G1-League one of the reasons to decide this or was it pre-planned?
: We decided this long ago; I think China is best place to practice for us. As they more disciplined, stronger opponent and we going to be more disciplined. Also we won't have much to do since we will be far from home, so everyone will be playing a lot. In China it's different.

2Pcom: Recently Na'Vi had changed its roster and initially you guys won 8 games in a row, but after that the road has been a bit bumpy, none the less you guys won the Joindota Masters last weekend. How has the boot camp been going on for EMS and upcoming G1-League?
: Of course it's really hard to play with new roster for many reasons. We need time to play together which will make us a better team. I hope for the best and going to work hard on our goals. The boot camp is going ok we are playing, eating, resting and having fun. I have noticed some progress. But we need much more time and quite a bit of practice together as a team.

2Pcom: In the video where Zerogravity also told us about new strategies to be seen soon enough. Have we seen any of those strategies? Perhaps the Zeus pick?
: No :) We have no idea about new strategies :) as captain is the same - Puppey. So maaaaybe we find something new, but Puppey loves stability I think. Although I think I have some sick ideas that might work in competitive, but people never listen to me.
2Pcom: Why, what bad about your idea in some special strategies?
: My ideas are not bad :), but maybe, someday ;)

2Pcom: G1-League is going to be like a mini International. If you guys qualify which Asian team from DK, iG, Orange and LGD would you like to face the most?*cough* revenge *cough*.
: I think everyone of them will be hard for us. I would like to fight everyone.

2Pcom: Now for some general questions about mid lane. According to you in the Asian scene who are the top solo mid players?
: Every top team mid player and all are very strong. A lot of time has passed since the last time I was fighting against someone from those teams so I can't say much. All I can say is I respect them.

2Pcom: The play style of the Asian players and European/CIS players is quite different. What difference do you observe in Asian and European solo mid players when you go up against either one of them?
: It's all about teams and players, different players have different play style which depends on your team. There are lots of right ways and you say for certain which one is best.

2Pcom: Dendi vs Ferrari_430 is one of the famous matchups in China and many Chinese fans would love to see you go up against him one more time, so this time around whom do you think will win?
: You can't lose or win in mid lane in nowadays in Dota2. Everything depends on your line up and team strategies. But you can always do good or bad with your task. I think that people should praise the teams and not the players. Team who work better together, their players will be ahead. You can't doubt the fact that all top teams have skilled players.

2Pcom: The last time you were in China was for WDC I believe right after The International in 2011. What is the thing you look forward to the most in China?
: China is always fun experience :) looking forward for challenges mostly :)

2Pcom: Now for some fun questions, we all know that you have many female fans around the world. So which girls do you prefer more Asian or European?
: All (cool).

2Pcom: It is well known among the community that you are quite trollish in nature. Which other team member of yours do you think is a better troll than you?
: I am a friendly guy not a troll. XBOCT: biggest troll ever.

2Pcom: At The International last year according to Chuan they kept losing to Na'Vi because you offered him some food every time. What is going to be your master plan this time around to defeat the Chinese teams?
: Hey! I just offer them some food, so they feel good and rape us! It is a friendly move :) no sneaky plans. This year I am going to hug them.

2Pcom: A final question. What is your favourite thing to eat/do when you are in China?
: I don't eat chilly food so bu Yao la! To do? Well anything to relax and have fun Bu Yao la - not spicy pls?

2Pcom: Thank You for doing this Interview and taking time. Would you like to give any shou touts?
: Love to everybody. Shout outs to my friends. Frogs are green and Kuro is Cheburashka.

Streaming and Bracket: Ayesee (English) | BTS (English) | StarLadder (Russian) | 17173 (Chinese)

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