Next Generation FPS Peta City(KR) Launches Teaser Site

By Natalie Kuhn on 0 0

New developer Mvert launched a teaser for its next generation FPS Peta City(Official Site: and announced to enter beta test in May in Korea.

PetaCity Teaser

This new teaser site showcased a game prologue video detailing the future background of this dynamic city battle. We could also learn the game story, next-generation new concept F/E/S system, with which players are possible to start battle quickly at any time.

Peta City narrates a near future urban battle which is caused by placing new energy "PETA ELLIMAN" in the ruined earth in 2027. This game not only has ordinary modes in current MMOFPS, including death match, explosion mission, zombie mode and PVE, but also has more exciting map customization.


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