War Thunder Headed to Mobile Devices

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War Thunder

War Thunder, which its PC version has over 1.5 million is now heading to the mobile devices. The mobile version will support both iOS and Android with next-generation graphics, breathtaking action and an unique game mode 'Dogfight'.

In our PC version of the game we progressively implement ‘all-vs-all’ gaming modes, where we have air forces, ground forces and naval units fighting simultaneously on the same battlefield. Firstly, we’ve introduced combat aircraft, with tanks and warships to come very soon. War Thunder mobile will be developed in the same way -- first, we’ll give you WWII fighters and bombers, then tanks and naval units.

While the mobile version is in development, player can try War Thunder on a PC or Mac. The mobile version is led by the mobile games department of Gaijin Entertainment, which previously worked on games such as Modern Conflict 1-2, Braveheart, Fantasy Conflict and Run’n'Gun. But the exact release date is still unknown, you can follow its progress via the official site.

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