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New Instance, Rage Skills, Wedding Coming to Age of Wushu

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Age of Wushu

Snail Game USA launched Age of Wushu early this month and now they are preparing for new gameplay features. Heroes in Jianghu need new skills to protect the innocents, and heroes need romance, too. Coming to the Wushu world includes new competition, new instance, new rage skills, and wedding system.

Mount Hua Competition is a stage for the best masters in Jianghu. It rewards the top players with special titles and costumes that represent the glory they have. The best of the top masters will be rewarded the Heaven Sword; a symbol of excellence in the game. Yanmen Pass is a brand-new instance with different storylines to choose from. Different stories require players to play different roles and beat the instance in different ways.

New rage skills will be available to learn and through internal cultivation, players can expect to progress their power to another level. Wedding system has been anticipated by many players, and it will not only show the traditions of the Ming Dynasty, but will also have lavish parties and parades.


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