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Against All Odds to Protect Your Skill Books in Age of Wushu

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Many skills in Age of Wushu, like Flying Skill and Rage Skill, help you reach random treasure that would be too high, escape pursuing enemies, do deal immense damage and others. Learning skills is an important fun of this game. However, players must learn them through unique skill books. With the help of Skill books, players are not only possible to learn skills, but also add new weapons to your arsenal, new options to move in combat, and more.

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Skill: Flying Skills | Rage Skill
System: Offline System | Meridian System | Jianghu System | Random Encounters System
Others: Battle Arena | Battle Arrays | Crime and Punishment | Guild War | Skill Books

A popular method of achieving books and creating a reputation among peers is Robbing Scripts. Script stealing is reserved for somewhat experienced players in game due to the danger involved. After joining a school and reaching the level of Novice, a player can participate in the daily event. At 7pm Server Time scripts will appear in a designated school. To accept the task, talk with your Library Guard of your school and teleport to the scene where the scripts are located. Simply infiltrate the school, steal the books, and run back home with the book bag loaded with new skills.

Age of Wushu screenshot

Along the way are some player obstacles you will encounter thought. Schools are made aware when they are the target of the day for stealing. This creates a difficult arrangement when fighting through players protecting their teachings from outside fighters. In addition to live players, NPCs will also step into the fray and honor their sect.

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The all danger will be not clear, even when you've got a book and made it out of the school grounds. Another player, perhaps even a friend can strike you down and take the books for themselves. These precious bound chests hold the most powerful secrets in the game and can change the relationships of many men. If you do make it back alive, your reward is a script to learn (or sell) and honor certificates with your school.

Age of Wushu screenshot

Age of Wushu screenshot


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