Space Combat MMO Vendetta Online Arrived on the iPad

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Vendetta Online

Though Vendetta Online is already playable on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and WinRT (all players and platforms share the same universe), Guild Software has landed on Kickstarter to fund iOS client since January 2013 but reached the deadline without achieving its funding goal on February 24.

Now Vendetta Online, which as we know is a space combat MMO designed for iPad already hit the App Store with a price $0.99 on April 17th. Your game purchase includes a free month of access, after which subscription options start at only $1 per month.

Players will explore through 30 different start systems to complete online missions and compete in real-time players vs players combat. And there is also a single player mode provided for free which you may train you piloting skills offline.

App Store Link: Vendetta Online, $0.99

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